Thursday, March 8, 2007

Nomad XIII

I remember it well.
"I hope you can jump."
"I have a trampoline, love."
Eventually my trampoline tore, but your wall stayed standing, mocking. Funny thing about homes, the way they stay the same, no matter how much you change. And how much you regret that careless cigarette stub. The one that burnt yours down.


n said...

The girl you knew

Sometimes, I think I should give up. I’ve
run scared
, lived in the
pages of second hand romances
, cried quietly in the dark. It’s now time to settle down, grow roots.
But then the wind whispers to me, telling stories of the places it’s seen. And I’m a nomad again, restless and
a little crazy

couldn't resist a chance to be shady :D

Revealed said...

@n: But you understand!! That's EXACTLY it >:D<

n said...