Monday, March 12, 2007

Nomad XIV

Starting a new category: Commentspace. So if anyone doesnt really wanna join but leaves a 55 in the comments space we can just lump it in here.:D

Sometimes, I think I should give up. I’ve run scared, lived in the pages of second hand romances, cried quietly in the dark. It’s now time to settle down, grow roots. 
But then the wind whispers to me, telling stories of the places it’s seen. And I’m a nomad again, restless and a little crazy.

This one courtesy N.


Nomad XV? said...

He checked her blog. Two weeks since the last post. Fifty six comments, the last thirty asking her to come back. Was it her obvious vulnerability that attracted people? Or her quirky sense of adventure, her stubborn refusal to settle down or to grow up?

"My deepest condolences, sir. Your wife was a wonderful woman."


Revealed said...

OMGGGGG!!! Closure! As final as it gets!!!

wiseling said...

great idea with the comment space, revealed! loving the 55s, n! :)