Sunday, March 11, 2007

One night...

‘Shhh. They’ll wake up.’
‘No, we’re professionals. Hehe.’

‘Pass the tools. Wonder why there’s a high-safety lock on the back door.’
Clang went the tools as they hit the floor.

One minute.

No movement.
He carefully picked the lock and crept in.

Someone’s up!
He bolted.

Sleepy voice: ‘Honey, forgot to close the front door?’


kyra said...

jayashree! you're here too. yay!

Confused & Baffled said...

welcome. hope you like the place. make yourselves comfortable.

Jayashree Bhat said...

Thank you, thank you. Will post something new as soon as possible.

wiseling said...

@jayashree: Welcome to our humble abode. Make yourself at home... You are now on the admin list as well.. Happy 55-ing :)