Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Everyday II

Window shades twitched close. The signal for her to go home. She languidly uncrossed her legs, gracefully interred the cigarette. Her curtain call. It was pathetic but she had nobody else. A stranger who watched her everyday her only tie to existence. Reason for the solitary lipstick marooned on her dresser. Loneliness has no mercy


wiseling said...

beautifully written... am very impressed....
would have never thought of this myself.. this is why i love the chain :)

Revealed said...

I love the chain idea myself :). Especially cos we have so many people on board now. It's pretty exciting!

Shreyasi Deb said...

ohhh....your girl is almost me, at times, in this lonely city.

Yes am having a ball too.first thing I do after switching on my comp is scribble a 55-worded piece and am still learning from you guys.

Revealed said...

@sd: >:D<

someonearbit said...

*Revealed - Hi!
Have responded to your question on the post...on my blog.

let me know what do you think?