Thursday, March 8, 2007


I used to sit next to him while he worked. He seemed to like that.

Perhaps I inspired him.

I would annoy him with the same question over and over again, to which he would reply ‘no’ every single time– “Sammy, If I die, will you cry?”

One day, he looked over and said – "Maybe."


wiseling said...

I know what the rest of the original post was about, and so it makes me cry a little inside. sniff.
The open ended-ness of it is stark, and I like that.

wiseling said...

Oh, and how is he now? I hope he's doing better?

Someone said...

Since I dont know what the rest of the original post is about, I made my own little story in my mind :)
Find it in Maybe 2

Spazsim Chasm said...

@wiseling: Sammy is doing ok. He's not fully recovered, don't think he every will "fully" recover. It seems so weird that i can actually say this now, without getting all choked up. Guess that's what 2 years does to you.

@someone - find the real story on
Needless to say, I would give anything to have that conversation with him again.