Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Nomad 2

And I try to clutch onto the little moments. There are hardly any! I scamper to be near you. Unwittingly, I bare it all in open spaces.
And then I go back to my little shell, hurt, broken, waiting for a priceless dimple and a fleeting twinkle.

Yes, you could have been home to me.


Someone said...


In response to Nomad and Nomad 2

educatedunemployed said...

How cool is the place..Love it love it love it.

Revealed said...

Make it one of the Chain 55s and then I'll add one to it also :D

wiseling said...

@revealed: If you want something to be a chain, just tag it as so.. :0)
you're an admin, i'm sure you should be able to..