Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Nomad V

You're scared. I know. Strangely, I understand. I remember the feeling. Standing at the cliff's edge, staring life in the face. Life stares back, unblinking and unapologetic. Scarred by yesterday, terrified of tomorrow, today was all I could give. I was there. But I came home. To you.

I can still be home to you.


Revealed said...

I think I'm falling in love with your guy!

wiseling said...

@revealed: If only he existed... sigh.
Ummm... I like that we're writing from different points of view.. really spices it up, eh? Nothing like some chaat masala... (oh dear, i'm thinking with my stomach again.. must have food...)

Revealed said...

Yeah, I think it's pretttty neat :D.

And please dont talk about chaat until I go home and return!

wiseling said...

muahahaha... i got chaat masala with me.. actually my mum mailed it after i called her and had a chaat-withdrawal induced breakdown. you should try that, it works. ;)