Tuesday, March 6, 2007

They lost him...

Part 1

In the din at the store, they lost him. She thought of calling but…

And then suddenly, “Are you looking for me?”
She quickly complained “Yes we were, but you were having your own experience and left us behind!”
Was met with a priceless sparkler and a fleeting twinkle.

They held her fixated for eternity.

Part 2

In the din at the store, they lost him. She patted his head one moment and he was gone the next.

Through the maze, her heart ran faster than she did.
A glimpse of his tee stuck on the escalator rail. And she collapsed.

Till from behind a huge grey fridge, a shirtless wonder, “Momma”

Part 3

In the din at the store, they lost him.

She screamed “Tibu!” Not a whimper.
She scaled the foods rack and the aquariums but of no avail.

And then ran to the water front where he was having a ball chasing the pigeons in a flutter. His golden brown coat glistening in the mid-day sun.

Part 4

In the din at the store, they lost him.

The huge screens and the sleek ware no longer pulled her. Her eyes searching for an elusive yellow shirt.
“Did he leave alone?”
“Does he not want me?”
“Oh yeah, am not pretty, not good enough!”

He was but lost in the world of X-box games.

Part 5

In the din at the store, they lost him.

Soon enough
“Where have you been? We were looking for you.”
“Duh. You guys don’t like music not my fault. I was waiting to get bedazzled, by the music myself. Didn’t happen.”

Not a reason, she was just looking for him.
And she loves music too.


wiseling said...

yay... welcome :)
i like.. see! you are good at writing 55 fiction!!

Shreyasi Deb said...

My journey into fifty five worded world dedicated to Ideasmith and you :-)
Thank you
It is exciting to co-create this world on this page

wiseling said...

Any idea why I can't access her page anymore? It's pswd protected? :(

Revealed said...

Excelllllllent! Loved it :)

Shreyasi Deb said...

Yes same here I can't access her page. Also wordpress forced me to create an id I did it in the hope of getting to her page...will wait for her to come back.
Gracias! :-)